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IBRIC takes this opportunity to greet all its patrons for paying the due respects and values to our investigators and investigative services offered by them in entire Cyprus. This is make you aware that IBRIC is one of the leading investigative and consultation firm lead by Ms. Zoe Lazarou Soteriou, a highly qualified and well experienced private investigators who has earned the great experience and expertise in giving standardized investigation in almost all the areas of investigations.

Ms. Zoe Lazarou Soteriou founded IBRIC in year 2010 by forming a team of strenuously trained and highly experienced investigators who had the niche to do something very special and amazing in this field by inventing the best processes for the best utilization of all the sectors so that all the organization and individuals can know the great expertise of Cyprus private investigators who dedicated work by getting a goal to make IBRIC as one of most effective source of greater supports to the people.

To achieve the great objective, Ms. Zoe put her full force, total energy and expertise in forming the best group of investigators who are resourceful and managerial in their functions to develop the some of the highly charged processes of investigations which are grouped together to form the most impactful pack of powerful services for the generous use of the organizations. It is the total effect of higher utilization of private investigation services in Cyprus that the entire sectors of the country are finding great change in their organizational activity and huge improvement in their work ethic where today organizations are able to set the best protocols to maintain the higher standard and smooth function of every department. The handsome results achieved by using these investigations has been able to transform the varying though of the people and urged them to realize the importance and values of great Cyprus private investigations.

Today, IBRIC is recognized as the one of the most innovative business intelligence company has been moving ahead in its motives to give the assistance to individuals, companies and other organizations by providing the quality private investigations, intelligence service and consultancies on all kind of issues so that they get the effective work to resolve their varying matters. The Due Diligence Investigations is one of the expertises of great Cyprus investigators which is extensively utilized by the all kind of clients located in the different territory of Europe, the MENA and Balkans region.

Ms. Zoe has led the IBRIC to perform be analyzing the different need of the people and private the quality result to have the instant solution of all type of personal as well professional problems. It is the sincere result of great efforts that our company is the active member of under mentioned world investigation organization looking after the world wide issues, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Exclusive Investigative Due Diligence member of INTERNATIONAL REFERRAL in Cyprus
  • Member of British Agents Member
  • Member of the International Association for Legal Research and Investigators (I.A.L.R.I.)
  • Member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists (N.A.I.S.)

Today people are able to get the easy access and effective approached of IBRIC in all the regions of Cyprus, if you have something to know about us then kindly send your details on to [email protected].


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