Insurance Investigation Services in Cyprus

According to the statistics provided by various sources on annual financial losses born by insurance companies in various parts of Cyprus, it is indicated that they are losing millions of Euro every year due variety of stage or faked claims cleared by the companies without verifying the genuineness of the facts or information provided by claimant in submitting their claim for remittance. It is because they do not have reliable mechanism or foolproof systems whereby they can verify provide information before clearing numerous suspicious and doubted claims.

Due to unavailability of a reliable system, today the insurance sector of Cyprus is falling prey of variety of fraudulent insurance claims which are derived by submitting faked information, wrong statements and forged records which remains unverified or non-confirmed during entire process or even after the completion of the remittance process and companies are forced to bear heavy financial loss annually.

But, at present companies has become alert and cautious in their works and most of the companies are taking the assistance of investigation agencies to get the verification of entire information supplied by the claimant while submitting their claims. In this process, they are suggested to utilize insurance investigations to find the facts and genuineness of entire documents, evidences and statements enclosed with claims.

Today, the prime role of insurance investigations in Cyprus is to assist those individual and organization working in insurance sector by providing risk free and transparent activities which both the insurer and insured can have by having the faith on the insurance policies and plans provided by the companies. At the same time, our insurance investigator is giving assurance to have the genuine and real insurance claims where companies are relieved at various levels by getting the assurance to have originality of the documents and reliability of information which is free from the wide variety of fraudulent practices and tricks used in obtaining the claims.

The best use of our Insurance investigations in Cyprus can protect the companies from such financial losses tolerated due to inadequate investigations on faked or staged claims.

Most trustworthy Cyprus insurance investigation services are mentioned below:

  • Theft Claim Investigations
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicle
  • Medi-Claims investigation
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Insurance surveillance services
  • Insurance Fraud investigation
  • Property Claim Investigations
  • Insurance Support Services
  • Tracing witness and obtaining statements
  • Accident Claims Investigations
  • Third Party Claims investigations
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Claim investigations

TThe incredible use of our insurance investigations in all parts Cyprus can be the best way to ensure the honesty in insurance sector by eliminating the worst effects of risks looming there. Our competent professionals have thorough knowledge and great skills to identify organized claims and collect vital clues to prove the use of tricks in the recovery of insurance claims. Our investigation ethics are based on the best use of surveillances, site review and credit information for making the stronger base for best use of expert attorney to present the case in courts for strict penalty and enforcements. We are accessible even in the far off location of the country so that more people can get the advantage of our highly economical and speedy services in Cyprus. Kindly contact us on [email protected] for further query, consultancy and assistance in related matters.


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